This book comes from my heart and soul. It's mission is to touch individuals who have suffered losses in their lives, such as the death of a person or pet, a divorce, a job loss, a loved one with Alzheimer's, or a best friend moving away.

Not only can Dr. Ashurst pinpoint the exact time when his academic passion changed with the exact moment when he met an international, medical “celebrity”--Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Both events happened on Aptril 7, 1986.

Dr. Kubler-Ross is known for her work and books on dealing with the terminally-ill. She is responsible for introducing the stages of grief and of death as we know of it today.

In this book, Dr. Ashurst guides the reader through the various stages of sadness and grief, plus the ways to pick up the pieces of one's life in order to move forward.

Discussing the many losses that we have all faced (deaths of beloved ones and pets, divorces, job losses, loved ones with Alzheimer's, or even good friends moving away),  Dr. Ashurst leads the reader into a description of who and what God is and of Heaven.

Dr. Ashurst believes that you will be enlightened, comforted, challenged, and inspired as you journey through the pages of his second book, Picking Up the Pieces, Moving On After A Significant Loss.

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