Thank you so much

for purchasing my very

first book...and for your

support and belief that I

could do it.

These 6 booklets are now offered to you for spiritual growth and information.

COOL YOUR JETS - This relates how a person can maintain a relaxed mental attitude every singe day.

THE SATANIC SLAUGHTER - This book discusses Satan's program, the strategy He uses, and the 8 problems that the believer has in dealing effectively with Satan.

FOUR THINGS THAT GOD DOESN'T KNOW - Don't be misled by the title of this publication.  God does know everything, past, present, future.

IF MY WALLS COULD TALK - This tells the importance of God's Word in one's lfe.

CHOMP! CHOMP - THE CRISIS OF CRITICISM - Have you ever had people gossip about you?  This booklet tells what happens to us and others when we back stab another individual.

HUMANISM - Former FBI agent relates how Humanism is trying to destroy America.  While with the FBI, Cecil Yates was responsible for the research, development, and employment of clandestine paraphernalia utilized in both domestic and foreigh intelligence operations.